Hermes Spring 2010 Ready to Wear Collection

Hermes has been a very important name in the fashion industry for many years. The creative director for Hermes, Jean Paul Gaultier has created an amazing collection for the 2010 spring season, so you can look your best from the tennis court to your evening cocktail.
22 Oct, 2009

Jean Paul Gaultier has created for Hermes a fabulous collection inspired obviously by tennis. Tennis has always been considered an elegant sport. The sporty tennis outfits have always had a certain attractiveness attached to them.

Jean Paul Gaultier has always been a genius when it comes to his creations and this collection doesn't fall under the expectations. He managed to add so much style to his collection while still maintaining the basic characteristics of his inspiration theme.

Gorgeous pleated skirts, maxi dresses, cardigans are the key elements of his collections, elements which he has transformed just like a magician transforms the simplest things into the most wonderful ones.

The collection seems to have timeless and exquisite written all over it because Jean Paul took something vintage and added them a little bit of modernism and sexiness, things which cannot be replaced easily.

The collection goes from sporty to casual chic and evening chic in an instant. The style and elegance of this entire collection is given through the simplicity and good taste of the designs and color combinations. From short pleated tennis skirts to elegant and simple jumpsuits, the outfits have an outstanding design, making them perfect for day wear as well as evening wear.

Hermes 2010 spring Hermes spring 2010

The club T-shirts add a certain holiday allure, making you feel relaxed, comfortable, casual and stylish, a combo for a guaranteed successful look. Whether you are going sporty or casual, you will look unbelievable in Jean Paul Gaultier ceations for Hermes.

One of the trademarks of Hermes has also helped complete the collection and you can probably guess what: the Hermes Birkin and the Hermes Kelly bags which are known for their timeless and elegant designs.

Hermes in known as a fashion house which will not offer you something you won't be able to wear the following seasons. It offers high quality, timeless products which contribute to it's worldwide success.

Hermes Hermes 2010

The materials used for the collection vary from high quality leather to chiffon. This variety offers the diversity of the designs going from sporty to elegant. The sheerness of the chiffon aids with the collection's sex appeal and it does it in a very elegant way. The accessories used in the collection: leather handbags, wide and narrow belts, strappy sandals helps complete it.
Every outfit featured in Jean Paul Gaultier's collection is outstanding and lovable, true must haves in every woman's wardrobe.
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Hermes spring 2010 Hermes 2010

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