Gucci Spring Summer 2010 Collection

Gucci is a name most of us have heard of, a name associated with luxury and style. Frida Giannini, the creative director of Gucci has designed an incredible looking fashion collection for the 2010 spring season, so find out which were the stronger pieces of the collection.
22 Oct, 2009

Gucci is one of the most important names in the fashion industry. It is an empire built through sacrifice and a lot of talent, combo that has contributed to it's unbelievable success.

The creative designer for Gucci, Frida Giannini has created a very interesting and feminine fashion collection, meant to match the modern world we live in presently.
Interesting cuts and material fusing have contributed to the interesting design of the collection.

The collection started very lightly, in an interesting little white dress featuring different interesting cuts on the bust area, which gave it a very interesting, mysterious and attractive allure. White seems to be one of the most important colors this spring because of the innocent and angelic air the color is wrapped around.
Casual sporty influences suits with mesh insertions offer the collection a very distinct feel, almost futuristic.
The simple colored outfits have such interesting designs that take the collection out of the ordinary towards the extraordinary. The design is emphasized and balanced by the simplicity of the colors used like gray tones and black. The mesh applications add a little bit of sexiness to the outfits through it's sheerness.

Gucci Spring 2010 Gucci Spring 2010 Collection

Femininity is emphasized by the above the knee short dresses which reveal the gorgeous legs and help bring out the gorgeous peep toe boots and sandals featured in the collection.
In order to add a touch of color and to give a total spin to the entire collection colorful prints have been introduced. Interesting patterns deepen the futuristic influence of the collection and make it more and more interesting. The powerful color blends attract attention over the outfit and the person wearing it.

Gucci Gucci 2010

Because elegance and classicism could not have missed from Gucci's 2010 fashion collection, Frida Giannini has created fabulous black maxi dresses. The dresses have a very interesting design meant to be emphasized by the simple and elegant black coloration.
For accessories Frida Giannini has turned towards gorgeous handbags of different sizes, from clutches to oversized bags. The incredible shoes completed and gave a sexy allure to the collection. The platform strappy sandals and peep toe boots helped create the sexy air the collection was wrapped around.
This collection could be described like one of the most feminine and interesting collection for the following spring season, collection which will undoubtedly be among people's favorites.
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Gucci Gucci Spring 2010 Gucci Clutch Gucci 2010

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