G-Star Fall 2011 RTW Collection

Unusually darken up for a G-Star fashion show, this season’s collection for the Fall/Winter 2011/2012 season surprised us through mysterious hues of grey, midnight blue or khaki. With a refine asymmetry spotted from one look to another, this collection provides a new series of fashion trends underneath an edgy-chic urban style selected for menswear as well for the ladies.
10 May, 2011

Bashfully walking down the runway, the models selected present in a non-cheerful but imposing posture a series of looks ready to rock the streets after the show. The grungy-chic fashion trend influences the G-Star typical edgy-urban trend-mark by taking it to another level, where the details rise above everything and colors fade easily yet still maintain a sophisticated allure to every design.

Even if the pieces are eccentric in details, not in the whole appearance, the accessories placed perfectly in every outfit make the entire fashion show look exciting, new and very youthful. As well for the men and the ladies in the same time, the style selected unites them together through similar fashion trends for both genres, placing them in the edgy big city youth gone wild night-life scenario.

With a lot of attitude shown through these stylish fabulous looks presented and uniqueness attached to every outfit, G-Star’s fashion show entertains through playful shapes, interesting mixes of textile material, darken up hues in shades of grey, blue or khaki, coming as a contrast with the vivid colorful printed accessories, from plaid shirts to abstract printed scarves, pop out bloody-red shoes and leather men gloves in a few different shades, from white to brown, black or electric blue.

Images via Style.com

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