Fendi 2010 Spring Collection

Fendi presented a wonderful collection for the 2010 spring summer season and it doesn't comes as a surprise. Fendi is a world renowned brand known for it's luxurious designs. Find out what were the key elements of Fendi's 2010 spring summer collection and see if they suit your style.
14 Nov, 2009

Fendi is a world renowned name associated with luxury and beautiful high quality details. The Fendi 2010 spring summer collection is non of the less luxurious, it is what everyone could have expected from Fendi and it's no surprise why. Fendi has always tried to capture the essence of femininity by creating feminine designs meant to make every woman feel and look gorgeous.

Fendi 2010 spring summer collection is all about elegance and sexiness combined in a perfectly balanced matter that attracts attention in the most delightful way. This 2010 spring summer season fashion was all about feminine designs and Fendi has managed to find the perfect balance between sexy and elegant. Creating such a collection is not an easy task, adding sexiness in an elegant fashion can be very difficult. It is essential when creating such a collection to ensure the designs don't cross over the fine line between sexy and just too much.

For the 2010 spring summer season Fendi has mostly created outfits that enhance a woman's beautiful legs. Legs are considered to be very sexy, and revealing just the right amount of legs can create a very sexy and attractive look in an elegantly fashion.
Gorgeous dresses and skirts were at base of the collection. The fabulous materials used to create the Fendi 2010 spring summer collection were very breezy and mostly pastels. The designs made the materials glide around the body and create a unique effect. Elegant subtle asymmetrical cuts gave a little bit of modernism to the classic style of the collection. Transparent silky materials and fringes helped with the sexy style of the collection.

Fendi 2010 Fendi 2010

Pants were also featured in the collection and their designs were absolutely stunning. Made out of vaporous fabric the pants designs glided beautifully around the body. Topped with gorgeous feminine blouses featuring beautiful deep cleavages made the outfits appear stunning and elegant.
The colors used to create the collection were mostly pastels but monochromes could not have missed from the collection. It seems that monochromes are very popular this following 2010 spring summer season since it was present in almost every collection. Beige, red, copper were the dominant colors of the collection.

Fendi 2010 Fendi 2010 Fendi 2010 Fendi 2010

For accessories Fendi used gorgeous platform high heels that matched the outfits perfectly. The handbags featured in the collection were indeed eye catching. Their design matched the style of the collection beautifully, modern and elegant.
Truly wonderful Fendi 2010 spring summer is appropriate for elegant and confident women who know how to wear an outfit.
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