Emilio Pucci Spring 2010 Collection

Emilio Pucci has made a name in the fashion industry sing 1950. The gorgeous and feminine designs created by Emilio Pucci made this fashion house the brand it is today. Find out everything about Emilio Pucci's fashion collection for spring 2010.
22 Oct, 2009

Emilio Pucci is a name with tradition in the fashion industry, since it has been present for more that 50 years. Emilio Pucci's headquarters is located in Florence, Italy, in the families palace.
Since 2008 the creative designer for Pucci has been Peter Dundas, a very talented fashion designer.

The 2010 spring fashion collection exudes style and glamor. Different accents can be observed throughout the collection, vintage as well as modern.
The capri pants featured in the collection offer a certain vintage feel which takes you back to the '60s.

Modern accessories upgrade the simple style of the capri pants and offer the entire look a more modern look, a casual chic look.
Gorgeous fringed jackets and beautiful sheer blouses offer a little bit of exoticism to the collection, exoticism materials used.

Emilio Pucci's trademark signature, the abstract graphics print did not miss from the collection. We all know the time when Christina Aguilera appeared wearing a gorgeous colorful futuristic design turtle neck blouse signed Emilio Pucci, because the design was unmistakable. The gorgeous prints are visible again on this fabulous spring collection. Different colored prints juggle to create movement and a distinctive appearance, an appearance which will make dream of the most exotic places in the world.

Emilio Pucci Pucci 2010

The dresses made of of soft and sheer material have an incredible design which offers the material a lot of movement. The movement of the dress creates a fairy tale like appearance, a very glamorous and sexy look.
Short dresses emphasize the legs and attract attention to one of women's greatest assets. It seems that Peter Dundas wanted to create a comfortable, feminine and sexy collection, which came out exactly like he desired.

Emilio Pucci spring/summer 2010 Emilio Pucci spring 2010

The colors offer warmth and emphasize the style of the materials used to create the collection. Vivid colors like yellow, soft pink, white black and blue tones gave a very warm and exotic feel to the collection.

Emilio Pucci create outfits which make women feel free, comfortable in their outfits and confident to wear whatever makes them feel women. Certainly this 2010 spring season expresses femininity and good taste, making it an amazing fashion collection.
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Emilio Pucci Pucci spring 2010

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