Emilio Pucci Resort 2011 Collection

Emilio Pucci's collection for the Resort 2011 season, came out naturally perfect through flawless elegant and sophisticated looks that maintain a balance between casual and business wear. With earthy colors and spicy pop ones, the presentation captured day-to-night looks wrapped into abstract prints or simple classy outfits. Check out next this fabulous collection!
20 Jul, 2010

The Resort 2011 season brought together all different types of major fashion houses expressing their unique perspective about clothes and art into their own designs that overcome the runway. While some choose to chase after undiscovered fashion styles, others go back to basics with classy never-dying trends, some prefer the night-life atmosphere, others beachy sunny days or red carpet's Hollywood glamour style, but in the end they all come to the same point, perfectly made clothing wear for any type of woman.

In this Resort 2011 Collection, fashion goes straight to outstanding looks that shine through beauty, good styling and amazing shapes followed by the latest fashion trends. From business wear to beach wear to sophisticated cocktail dresses and elegant gowns, this collection brings them together under one name, Emilio Pucci.

Peter Dundas comes with a surprising collection at Emilio Pucci fashion label, where casualty meets up with business wear and elegant pieces come along with comfortable fluid designs. With major influences coming from the typical beach wear reinvented through his perspective that captures a lot of elegance and mystery attached to every single creation.

Business office wear comes differently from Peter's view with fun playful details and accessories that embrace one boring masculine look that doesn't emphasize anything feminine. With unique shapes and chaotic prints, the collection comes with innovative new trends for Resort 2011.

Even if the collection goes mostly into a neutral earthy chromatic theme where shades of brown, camel and white dominate the runway, different splashes of pop colors put in value Peter's designs in Emilio Pucci's Resort collection. From electric blue to soft green, glittery grey or charming purple, the looks catch from cocktail parties style to swimming wear or daily business outfit.

Peter Dundas puts a major accent on new trends that will develop this season like: long-sleeve mini beach dresses, shorty shorts for business, mini messenger bag, maxi summer romantic dresses, ruffles, lots of colorful prints, summer cape, gladiator sandals, white professional business suit, fringes and stripes or chaotic electric blue printed baggy pants.

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