Elie Saab Spring 2011 RTW Collection

Breath-taking dresses and feminine elegant body figures came down the runway, in Elie Saab’s collection for the Spring/Summer 2011 season, where the glamour is spotted through charming divine looks captured in light easy colors. Check out next this fairytale-like stunning collection!
01 Dec, 2010

The Elie Saab name is equivalent with charm, elegance and fluid impressive dresses, in our fashion dictionary, so the Spring/Summer 2011 collection doesn’t make it any different. Exquisite shapes and fabulous looks, the dresses come simply beautiful on the runway while giving a dreamy romantic touch to our modern times influenced by futuristic fashion.

Elie Saab’s fashion show for this season reinvents elegance through pure and innocent looks that bring in light easy colors a sensibility expressed by feminine shapes and sensual dresses. Along with the textile materials that attract our attention, gliterry details on dresses seem to take over the collection without compromising the style and thematic chosen.

Glamorous and extremely elegant, Elie Saab’s dresses in the Spring/Summer 2011 fashion show come in pretentious shapes, captivating details that present a refine sexiness and innocent accents that emphasize the romantic theme chosen. The statement accessories used in the collection bring a plus of chicness and a touch of luxury in every piece.

Even if the collection starts powerful with a beautiful catchy green gown, the styles get soften up during the show in shades of champagne pink, easy orange, soft grey, light blue, nude and white. The abstract prints chosen give a sense of freshness into the collection, by combining all the colors presented in different looks in one material.

Images via WWD.com

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