Elie Saab 2010 Couture Collection

Do you love glamorous dresses? If your answer is yes don't hesitate to admire Elie Saab 2010 couture collection as it is absolutely breathtaking. A collection which is most definitely worth every second spent admiring.
10 Feb, 2010

Can Ellie Saab 2010 couture collection be any more spectacular than it is?! Ellie Saab is known for his feminine and gorgeous fashion collection but it seems that Elie managed to exceed everyone's expectations with his 2010 couture collection.

Glamorous, elegant and classy are the words that come to mind at the sight of this gorgeous fashion collection. Ellie Saab managed to create a fabulous collection which leaves you speechless and absorbs all the attention due to the amazingly stylish almost fairytale like designs.

Elie Saab 2010 couture Elie Saab 2010 couture Elie Saab 2010 couture Elie Saab 2010 couture

Elie Saab 2010 couture collection will take you into a land of dreams where every woman can feel like a princess. The dresses created are all amazing and there is just nothing negative one can address to this collection.
Natural seems to be the path Elie Saab wanted to take when he created this beautiful collection as the colors used are very pale, soft toned. The romanticism and femininity exuded by this collection is unbelievably powerful.
Washed out mauve, blue, rose and yellow were the dominant pastels used in design. Whether monochrome or multiple colored, the dresses attract attention and pleasantly impress.

Elie Saab couture Elie Saab couture Elie Saab couture Elie Saab

The cuts used by Ellie Saab are very in the moment as modernism is a must this season. He managed to beautifully combine elegant style dresses with modern cuts and the result came out spectacular. Strapless gowns, draping dresses, siren dresses looked fabulous on the fabulous models who presented them on the catwalk.
Different embellishments adorned different dress styles to emphasize their glamor and elegance. Do let yourself carried by the wave and enjoy the sight of Elie Saab 2010 couture collection.
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