Donna Karan Spring/Summer 2010 Collection

Donna Karan has had one of the highest influences in fashion. Discover Donna Karan's gorgeous fashion collection for the following 2010 spring/summer season so you can upgrade your fashion style.
23 Oct, 2009

Donna Karan has discovered her affinity towards fashion since her teenage years, but managed to start her own business only in 1984. Since then Donna Karan has been a very important name in the fashion industry due to her modern and lovable designs.

If I had to choose one single word to describe Donna Karan's 2010 spring/summer ready to wear fashion collection, it would be elegance. The true elegant designs took over Donna Karan's runway and that could have been easily seen. Elegance and class is something that cannot suite femininity more. Being elegant is something that suits every woman and helps create the true attractive air wrapped around elegance.

Pencil skirts dominated the fashion collection and it doesn't come as a surprise because of the gorgeous aspect it helps create. Topped with gorgeous waits line cut jackets or glamorous blouses, the pencil skirts create a very classic, elegant yet modern look.
Because masculine elements counterbalance the style of the collection beautiful pant suits blended through the gorgeous dresses and pencil skirts.

Donna Karan 2010 Donna Karan 2010 spring summer

The feminine slightly above the knee cut dresses create a very Princess Diana inspired elegant and stylish look. Brimmed hats upgrade the dresses sophisticated appearance and make them stand out even more.
Long glamorous dresses with interesting designs, created out of vaporous soft materials finished the collection beautifully and made you fall into a dreamy world, where glamor and elegance dominate.

Donna Karan 2010 Donna Karan 2010

For accessories Donna used either subtle silk bands around the waist, either oversized statement jewelry and elegant hats.
The colors chosen by Donna Karan matched the theme of the collection perfectly. The colors used were soft colors, which are not very obvious. White, beige and gray tones dominated the entire collection, the only splash of color was brought by red and peach.
If you are looking for a feminine, vintage-classic style, Donna Karan's collection is prefect for you.
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Donna Karan Donna Karan 2010 spring summer

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