Costume National Spring 2010 Collection

Costume National is an Italian brand name since 1986. The designer Ennio Capasa is also the founder of this company known for the simple yet stylish and luxurious products. If you are looking for an upgrade of your casual style, Ennio's 2010 spring collection can definitely be the solution.
22 Oct, 2009

Costume National is a well known Italian brand name, behind which stands a very talented fashion designer, Ennio Capasa, who is also the founder of the company. The name Costume National is associated with luxury and chic style, combo which contributes to the brands undoubted success.

The 2010 ready to wear collection for women created by Ennio Capasa has an incredible style, a casual chic style which is meant to offer women a very stylish, powerful and attractive look. It seems that femininity exuded by the collection is unbelievable. Beautiful designs and amazing materials make the collection everything it is. It is every woman's wish to be able to show her femininity through fashionable outfits which have a wearable design as well as comfortable feel. It appears that the collection is everything a woman would wish it to be.

The collection was introduced using an amazing casual leather outfit. The brown leather shorts with matching leather jacket and handbag were balanced by a gorgeous vaporous and simple black blouse, a black soft scarf and lovable fading sunglasses. The casual style of the collection was kept by the capri pants, leggings and short shorts.

Costume National 2010 Costume National Spring 2010

Beautifully cut short dresses made a sensation and brought a little bit of casual sexiness to the collection. Glittery materials and gorgeous simple prints emphasized the dresses beautiful design. The simple dresses are upgraded by the materials used which gave them plenty of movement to the dresses and a modern feel.

Glamour is introduced using vaporous maxi dresses made out of soft materials which offer the design plenty of movement. The movement of the material creates a very sensual and attractive look, a look every woman needs to adopt once in a while.

Costume National 2010 Women Collection Costume National 2010 Spring

Ennio Capasa used very few colors for his collection. He decided to emphasize simplicity using simple colors like brown, black, gray, silver, white and for a touch of color he used different prints of aquamarine blue.
Simplicity, style, comfort and sensuality are the words that best describe this collection. Suitable for women who embrace their femininity and love fashion, this fashion collection contains every ingredient needed for a spectacular look.
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Costume National 2010 Costume National Spring 2010

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