Christian Siriano Fall 2011 RTW Collection

While some go out of the ordinary with shocking colors, Christian Siriano goes easily in a darker area with soft romantic looks that maintain a dramatic appearance through the overwhelming black that expresses elegance, refinement and classiness. Check out next season's fashion trends with Siriano's collection!
14 Feb, 2011

Christian Siriano is one of the most innovative fashion designers from New York Fashion Week and the most recognized winner of the reality TV show, Project Runway. With a specific style and unique sense of fashion, Siriano got us used with the most eccentric shapes and beautiful appearances, but it seems that everything's gone in a chill and dark atmosphere for the Fall/Winter 2011/2012 season. His exquisite fashion taste comes differently than usual, but in an extremely good way.

Structural shapes, flawlessly done pieces and elegant classy looks are just a few key points very well defined in Christian Siriano's latest fashion show. Even if the dominating colors is the immortal black, the pieces presented on the runway shine out through small effective details which emphasize every look in an elegant refine manner. The thematic chosen maintains a romantic but dramatic image with a splash of masculinity in these designs.

Fashion Trends & Styles

If usually, Christian Siriano came out with sophisticated gorgeous feminine dresses, this time the opening look comes very surprising. For the Fall/Winter 2011/2012 season, Siriano chooses to go in a more sophisticated area, opening the fashion show extremely sexy with a masculine military blazer-jacket but combined extremely unexpected with a long sheer skirt. Sheer captivated the first looks in his collection and the colorless collection was taken in a mysterious side with the sheer details.

During the fashion show, the collection keeps on getting better, evolving in the business style side, with a splash of masculinity and a lot of energy released through these shapes. The colors go on the same dark neutral side and we spot different grey shades and a bit of green. In the end, the collection ends up big time with a few cocktail dresses which look absolutely divine, combining a flawless outfit from head to toe.

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