Christian Dior Spring 2010 Collection

Christian Dior is a very well known and respected name in the fashion industry. John Galliano's gorgeous designs have made each collection exquisite and one of a kind, check out his work for the Christian Dior Spring 2010 collection.
20 Oct, 2009

Christian Dior is one of the most important brand names in the world. It is a name built with hard work and talent over a number of years. Due to the quality of their products, numerous perfumes and gorgeous fashion designs the name Dior has maintained it's high status.

The creative director responsible for the 2010 spring fashion collection is non other than the brilliant John Galliano.

John Galliano is known for his unique fashion designs as well as incredible color coordination. He always manages to make his collections unique, interesting and filled with amazing details. Galliano's imagination is incredible, and it's his rich imagination and amazing talent which has made him the genius he is considered to be today.

The vintage allure of the collection could definitely be felt and seen because the 1940s were the source of inspiration for Galliano. The 1940s were times of incredible sensuality and style when it comes to women's fashion. Obviously modern touches have transformed to collection leaving it only with a vintage feel and making it sexy and incredibly feminine.

Dior Spring 2010 Christian Dior 2010

The lace incorporated in the collections designs and corsets give it the sexy air it needs. Short feminine and beautiful colored dresses and skirts contribute to the collections sensual style. Not being afraid to accentuate femininity is a characteristic of powerful and confident women, characteristics which were found in John Galliano's muse Lauren Bacall, the gorgeous 1940s actress.

The short cropped jackets matched with gorgeous silky or ruffled skirts offer a woman's body great advantages because they accentuate the waist perfectly, taking you back to the '40s office attire.
Gorgeous sheer and vaporous dresses have made the collection truly spectacular. This is where sensuality has reached it's peak, and Galliano knows how to accentuate sensuality without leaning towards vamp.

The materials used are very soft, sheer and contribute to the collection's success. The colors used for the collection are gorgeous, from classic black and grays, to purple, orange fuchsia and gorgeous colorful prints.
High platform sandals work beautiful and complete the collections look. High platforms also have a slimming effect and give the legs a better posture.

The parted hair and gorgeous red lips helped Galliano transpose the vintage feel, because these are characteristics of the 1940s style as well as Lauren Bacall's style.
Elegance, glamour and style are at their highest peak at the Christian Dior 2010 spring fashion collection, and these make it one of the most beautiful collections of the season.
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Christian Dior 2010 fashion collection Christian Dior Spring 2010

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