Christian Dior Haute Couture Spring 2011 Collection

Haute couture seems more fashionable, elegant and dramatic than ever, at least in Christian Dior's fashion show. The Spring/Summer 2011 season gets exceptionally dramatic and very intense, through an unseen before selection of clothing, make-up or hairstyles, which pursued a specific Dior mark over this season by coming enchanting and unique as always!
18 Feb, 2011

Welcome to the color madness presented by Christian Dior's latest fashion show, the Spring/Summer 2011 Haute Couture collection, where the passionate red dominated the runway through eccentric and in the same time, extremely dramatic looks. Of course, the details emphasize the mood selected, and the wonderful fairy shaped looks take over the runway.

With a major fashion statement from the beginning of the collection, Dior's haute couture fashion show of this season accentuated a refine glamorous style mixed with theatrical influences. John Galliano's inspirations match perfectly the classic Christian Dior style, and he comes big on colors, big on shapes, big on everything this season.

Fashion Trends

If last season's haute couture collection by Dior the focus came straightly on blocking colors and eye-catching over the top designs, the collection prepared for the Spring 2011 couture season gets slightly more wearable yet with the same dramatic effect to it. The pieces are challenging, with exquisite shapes and glamorous overall look, but everything comes flawlessly and perfectly styled.

Fur, polka dots, tulle, sequin glittery details, structural shapes and eccentric colors emphasize a dramatic theme chosen, which gets accentuated through extreme colorful make-ups and vintage feminine hairstyles. The use of accessories take this collection over the top and makes it exceedingly unique. Glamorous gloves, fabulous hair accessories, wide waist belts, bows or carnivale masks, are just a few items that take Christian Dior's haute couture Spring/Summer 2011 collection to another level.


  • amandasmart20
    March 18, 2011 amandasmart20

    These are some really sophisticated, fancy styles, that's for sure. I can't pick out which one I like better, but if I had to go with one, I'd say I really like the red dress at the top. It's classy, elegant and it really catches my eye the most!

  • ooomeyki
    March 01, 2011 ooomeyki

    wow ! just love it , so highclass

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