Christian Dior Fall 2010 Couture Collection

To describe Christian Dior's Collection for the Couture Fall 2010 season as an eccentric line would be a low review for that matter. Wild flowers, violent colors, avant-garde, unique shapes, futuristic make-up and dramatic hairstyles are just a few points that will amaze you with this collection! These unrealistic designs find their way into reality through Dior!
08 Jul, 2010

Whenever we think about the Christian Dior name, many thoughts run through our head, from perfection on the runway to influential ready-to-wear looks for any season or flawless haute couture with eccentric details or fairytale inspired shaped dresses. With a long history since 1946, the Dior fashion brand has expanded its wings into a world wide known luxurious fashion house specialised in high quality clothing wear.

In Christian Dior's Fall 2010 Couture Collection, John Galliano maintains Dior's mark on the runway, expressed through his unique designs inspired by nature, flowers and colors. Find out next how this collections brings all these spectacular haute couture pieces.

Like we already got used, John Galliano brings his most outstanding designs into Dior's haute couture collections where he puts a major accent mostly on colors, details and shapes, so that's why Galliano keeps up the same unique high-fashion level that we all remember. If a while ago it was all about matching colors and styles, the Fall 2010 Couture Collection by Christian Dior presents us a show where mixing takes the lead and matching steps aside.

Flowers take an important part in Christian Dior's Fall 2010 Couture Collection, where John Galliano's inspiration comes out from nature and its beauty expressed through details, colors and head-to-toe looks.

Explosive colors cover the runway and every single design in the same time, where eccentric pieces come with abstract combinations between orange, yellow, purple, turquoise, mauve, green, pink, electric blue, all in pop shades that accentuate the floral inspiration wrapped into haute couture.

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