Christian Cota Spring/Summer 2010 Collection

The Christian Cota fashion collection for 2010 is all about femininity, style and chicness. It is a collection appropriate for various ages, from girls in their 20's to women over their 30's. Femininity has no age so find out all about Christian Cota's collection.
09 Nov, 2009

The fashion shows designed for the 2010 spring season have been destined to enchant the eyes and create a lovable and more feminine allure. It is unbelievable how the designs can complete and upgrade our looks, so find your style and look beautiful.

Christian Cota has created a lovable fashion collection for this 2010 spring summer season. His vision for this season was all about femininity and style. His designs exude a little bit of vintage mixed with modern and sexy. It is a collection appropriate for teenagers as well as women over their 30's. It is a collection appropriate for mothers as well as daughters, making it an extraordinary collection.
Christian Cota wanted to create a collection that would make women appear like “they are blooming” and he certainly succeeded. From A- line cut skirts to form fitting dresses, this collection is incredibly gorgeous.

Christian Cota 2010 Christian Cota spring summer 2010

The gorgeous form fitting skirts and dresses are meant to accentuate women's lovely body shape. The sexiness of the designs is toned down by the classicism of the vintage cuts. It is amazing how the two characteristics blend together to form the unique and feminine outfits.
Shorts and pants, which are masculine touches are designed in a way to enhance femininity. Shorts and pants are also meant to bring more comfort and a sense of empowerment to the collection's style.
Lovely flirty and fun short dresses and skirts made a spectacle out of Christian Cota's collection. Feminine yet not too much these dresses and skirts make a great choice for girls in their 20's and not only. Being feminine is not related to age so you can be feminine and sexy at all ages. All you need to do is dress appropriate for your body type and occasion.

Cota 2010 Christian Cota spring 2010

The materials used to create this incredibly gorgeous collection are very soft. Their high quality aid the collection's style and posture.
Colorful flower prints make a spectacle out of the outfits. Flowers and femininity have always made a great collaboration so no wonder Cota has opted to incorporate them into his designs. Blue, white, beige, black and colorful prints were the main colors used to express Cota's vision.
If you are looking to enhance your femininity Christian Cota's collection for the 2010 spring summer season can make a great option for you.
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Christian Cota 2010 Cota Christian Cota 2010 Cota spring summer 2010

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