Chanel Cruise 2011 Collection

The Cruise 2011 Collection by Chanel brings out elegant pieces where floral prints dominate the runway and the refine taste leaves room for mystery next to sexiness in overall delicate looks. Check out next how Karl Lagerfeld puts vintage appeals on this modern show and reinvents old, used fashion trends in his typical style!
22 May, 2010

Whether it's all about Gabrielle, or now just about Karl, the fashion house Chanel, keeps coming stronger and stronger with collections that not only are flawless or fabulous, but still keep Coco's mark into every single piece while Karl maintains the brand always on top, never going down.

Coco Chanel may have left the world a long time ago, but the Chanel never left the fashion world. The luxurious label won an international success through the years, after Gabrielle managed to transform her dreams into reality and then into other's dreams. Karl Lagerfeld keeps up with the Chanel print that captured masculinity into women's clothes or luxury in business wear and even glamour through conservative looks. With a major influence over the fashion industry, this label presents outstanding collections that always conserve a new flavour of fashion, different styles revealed into classical items.

Chanel's Cruise 2011 Collection puts a major mark for the new season, which create a new mix between casualty and elegance, by having as a result Karl Lagerfeld's fabulous designs. Starting perfectly from the very beginning, the new collection shows beach summer clothes into fluid and easy materials that give a new touch of softness next to a variety of colors, from neutral to earthy or even some pop shades, which present a new wave of styles expressed through shades, shapes and the overall collection.

Prints have a major part in Chanel's Resort 2011, where Karl presents unique ways of wearing prints, where we have lots of light floral, bold stripes, colored graphic, messy plaids, abstract bohemian or glamour flower. With a change through the show, from casual teen to classy lady-like, this collections captures elegance into casual-chic designs or sophisticated and stylish evening yet summer-ish glam touches.

The chromatic theme used is very large and outstanding, which puts in value Karl's creations in Chanel's unique style. We have from easy shades of marine blue, peachy orange or sunny yellow to hot pink, denim blue, browny shades, all black and nude pieces or pop blue and pinky red.

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