Burberry Prorsum Spring/Summer 2010 Collection

Burberry has first opened it's store in the 19th century and has since then expanded worldwide. Find out what made Burberry Prorsum the name it is today and what made the 2010 spring/summer collection so spectacular.
23 Oct, 2009

Burberry is a very important name in the fashion industry due to the number of years this name has been in the business and the high quality designs created under the brand's name.

The 2010 spring/summer ready to wear collection created by Christopher Bailey, Burberry Prorsum's creative director has a very stylish appearance which exudes femininity and modernism. It seems that all the collection is characterized by loose knotted material and trenches. This combo creates a spectacular and interesting view which cannot pass by unnoticed.

The fashion show was introduced by a lovely outfit which blended together beautifully. The simplicity of the trench coat counterbalanced the interesting a heavy look of the short draping dress which featured interesting knots around the cleavage and the lower part of the dress. The gorgeous individual Burberry signature clutch gives a patch of color to the simple beige coloration of the outfit. The high waist belt applied over the trench helped complete the look.

Burberry Prorsum 2010 Burberry Prorsum

A very high amount of femininity was liberated by the collection due to the fabulous two piece skirt suits and dresses. The collection had a truly distinct look because of all the knots and wrinkles featured on every single outfit. This made every outfit stand out and admired.
The draped dresses gave a very fairy tale like air, due to the lovely flowing designs and soft gliding materials. Every detail of the collection seems to have been well thought because everything seems to have their role. You could not add or remove anything from the collection, everything seems perfect the way it is.

Burberry Prorsum 2010 spring summer Burberry Prorsum 2010 spring summer

The colors used by Christopher Bailey are very warm, beige tones captured most of the collection but other colors made an appearance like soft pink, blue, green and lavender.
The high quality materials helped gave the elegant and chicness the collection is wrapped around.
The gorgeous Burberry handbags and belts gave the finishing touches to the collection. The beige high heel platform peep toe ankle boots gave a certain sexiness to the collection, due to their interesting appearance.
If you are looking for a feminine and chic style, Burberry Prorsum can offer you the solution.
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Burberry 2010 summer Burberry spring summer 2010 Burberry handbag 2010 Burberry spring summer 2010

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