Bottega Veneta Spring 2011 RTW Collection

Sexy and stylish, feminine and elegant, professional and comfy too, Bottega Veneta’s fashion show presented at Milan Fashion Week in the Spring/Summer 2011 season covers the current trends along with classic must-have items in a different shape, color or styling combination. Check out next this chic-urban modern collection!
05 Oct, 2010

Very elegant and stylish, Bottega Veneta’s Spring/Summer 2011 Collection catches today’s fashion trends along with the Italian feeling that captures the entire fashion show. The monochromatic theme chosen emphasizes every significant detail through classic structural and shapeless fluid dresses.

Flowers, colors, childish innocent accents and true happiness expressed through clothes, are the typical key points that usually inspire fashion designers for the Spring/Summer season, but the Italian “Venetian Atelier” comes, as always, differently, more exciting and in a darker aspect than usual. With a mysterious allure attached to every piece on the runway, the designer, Tomas Maier, combined wearable fashion with theatrical art.

Going mostly in a stylish business area, Bottega Venetta’s Spring/Summer 2011 Collection brings a new wave of ideas over the independent woman worker image. If a while ago men’s outfits were always professional and women’s looks came very romantic, nowadays the ladies have stolen their boyfriend’s closet maintaining the same romantic elegant touch over office suits, shoes and accessories including masculine oversized watches or hats. By giving a touch of femininity in every design, Tomas Maier uses sheer details to put in value women’s sexiness and mysterious side.

Embracing purity and elegance, the non-colors, black and white, are the major attraction points this season, especially in Bottega Veneta’s collection where the small details, shapes and textile combinations come perfectly on the runway. From silk to leather, sheer or rough structural materials, they all come dreamy and utterly fabulous!

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