Balenciaga Spring 2010 Collection

Balenciaga has been a big name in the fashion industry for decades. The unique designs created under the Balenciaga name have contributed to it's gigantic success. Check out the Balenciaga spring 2010 collection!
19 Oct, 2009

Balenciaga can be considered a fashion empire built through hard work and a massive amount of talent is Spain by Cristobal Balenciaga who was considered to be a veritable fashion designer. The name of the world renowned fashion house remained among the top of the designers most wanted until present.

The 2010 ready to wear collection created for Balenciaga by the creative director Nicolas Ghesquiere is truly one of a kind. Geometric lines contribute to it's urban futuristic feel, features which helped make this fashion collection as original as it is.

The collection comes as a break from everything else in a world where everyone follows the same rules. It almost appears that Balenciaga has broken those rules and created outfits that are made for future times.
Even though the collection has a pretty rough and powerful feel but other details featured in this collection add a little bit of femininity to the style, softening it's rough style.

Balenciaga Balenciaga Spring 2010

The leather hooded vests, tight fit pants, geometric line printed blouses and dresses create a spectacular design. The colors helps soften the overall look of the collection adding a little bit of fun to it. We can see splashes or red, turquoise, orange, green and yellow on beige, gray, black and white base.

All the lines created with color enchant the eyes and aid the futuristic feel of the collection. Color is one of the main characteristics of the spring season and it seems that Nicolas Ghesquiere has managed to add a little bit of freshness in his collection.

Balenciaga 2010 spring fashion Balenciaga spring 2010

It's urban feel makes it great for casual wear, but one thing is for certain, no one wearing his creations will go by unnoticed.

Another amazing detail of this collection which actually helps complete the entire look are the incredible peep toe boots. The boots have an incredible and innovative design, making them attract so much attention. The geometrical lines match perfectly each outfit making every outfit look flawless.

Balenciaga Spring 2010 Boots Balenciaga Spring 2010 Boots

If you are looking to be unique, comfortable, stylish and feminine follow Balenciaga's fashion style and you will most definitely achieve everything you desire.
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