Balenciaga Resort 2011 Collection

With eccentric colors and structural shapes on the runway, this season at Balenciaga seems to go for futuristic influences that reveal a lot of impressive looks, from suit pieces business wear to chaotic graphic prints, all into this collection where the classic meets the future, in Balenciaga's Resort 2011!
17 Jul, 2010

Every season that comes and goes moves into a different chapter in the fashion industry and clothes are more expressive in all the collections, from high-fashion to local brands, styles are more diverse and unique than ever, which provides everyone in finding their own style and develop it by making their own evolution in fashion just like every other label does.

The luxurious fashion house, Balenciaga comes out with a surprising collection for the new season, Resort 2011, where the accent moves to the future found into structural clothing wear and shapes, wild neon make-up, straight hairstyles and explosive bright colors all over the place. Find out next what fashion trends does this collection bring for us!

This season, at Balenciaga seems more eccentric and elegant than ever. With odd inspirations and modern shapes with futuristic touches, the collection was a hit from the very beginning. By combining together masculine items along with feminine pieces, the looks on the runway embrace from classic designs to outstanding new fashion trends that follow up with the latest runway collections.

Chaotic graphic prints play a major part in Balenciaga's Resort 2011 Collection, where we've spotted from mixed prints to head-to-toe ones, which put in value from the special little details to bold powerful colors.

In Balenciaga's Resort 2011 Collection, new fashion trends have taken the place of the old ones, like camel colored business suit, maxi messenger bag, structural matchy-matchy skirt and vest, neon colored make-up, easy pink shades, futuristic shapes, head-to-toe printed office suit, neon yellow, beautiful baggy elegant pants, marine and electric blue, washed up denim inspirations, short printed skirts, see-through blouses and long bohemian dresses.

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