Balenciaga Fall 2010 RTW Collection

With an edgy style on casual wear, Balenciaga’s Fall 2010 Collection surprises us with softness in a powerful way, where “domestic” things meet on clothes and magic transforms in reality. Check out next what Nicolas Ghesquiere has prepared with this fabulous line for the next season!
20 Mar, 2010

The luxurious fashion house, Balenciaga is one of the greatest fashion brands known world wide. Founded by Spanish designer, Cristobal Balenciaga, back in 1914 where his first boutique opened expanded soon in major cities like Madrid or Barcelona. After closing his boutiques in Spain, Cristobal moved to Paris where his success came along with beautiful pieces in his couture house. His revolutionary designs brought him out in press attention and so his popularity kept on growing.

It doesn’t matter if we are talking about couture or ready-to-wear, about women’s wear or menswear, Balenciaga is always an important name in fashion industry and avant-garde pieces, futuristic and structural shapes manage to get always into classic garments.

The Balenciaga fashion brand came also in the hearts of celebrities and style icons like Nicole Richie, Mary-Kate Olsen, Julianne Moore, Victoria Beckham or Salma Hayek, that have been spotted wearing their designs.

In Balenciaga's Fall 2010 RTW Collection, Ghesquiere is trying to change world's perspective about ecology and recycling usual items like food boxes, sleeping bags, biscuits or lots and lots of plastic makes a little change for the planet. The result of this line is an amazing collection with fabulous looking clothes where classic meets chicness and casual is taken to another level.

"I was working on something domestic. Casual things mixed with classic. And a kind of rigidity," said Nicolas Ghesquiere.

With simplicity in colors and complexity through details, Nicolas Ghesquiere completes a stunning collection for this Fall/Winter 2010/2011 season that amaze us with balance between classic and futuristic, structural shapes and casualty or with ecological materials used on wearable looks.

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