Anna Sui Resort 2011 Collection

The Resort 2011 Collection catches Anna Sui in the same line as we always see her. Prints and lots of fun elements used into these designs are what make this label different and unique. Even if we're talking about 2010 or 2011, it doesn't matter because Anna's prints are ageless. Stay with us and check out this fabulous collection!
29 Jun, 2010

Usually the Resort 2011 collections come more different than the other ones because fashion designers rethink their style and try to reinvent it along with the new fashion trends, but at the Anna Sui fashion house things don't go into another side yet they still develop. How can that be possible? We don't know but we sure love Anna more and more as the season passes by. There's nothing that gives a unique side to every season than her collections. Whether it's spring or fall, the style always remains.

In the Resort 2011 Collection, Anna has prepared a line full of ethnic influences and inspiring feminine prints, where the dresses come either short or maxi, with ruffles or butterfly shaped and lace details.

"Everything is really romantic and dreamy this season" said Anna Sui about her collection for Resort 2011, and we sure see it everywhere. Seems like Sui gets more and more romantic with every season and she makes her feeling flow everywhere into the designs. And what is there to not love about this collection?

Nothing looks more comfortable and chic then these looks, where the colors dominate and from pale pink or soft blue to black with lots of purple, dark red, green and many other shades.

Without using any accessories, Anna Sui prefers to put in value the model, Chanel Iman and every single dress. No one can wear better all of her pieces than Chanel does. With her exotic appearance and stunning smile, the dresses look an accessory for the person who wears it, not a clothing item. The shoes that Anna used come quite as simple peep-toe sandals with ankle-bar that give a touch of freshness and summer appeal to the collection.

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