Anna Sui Resort 2010 Collection

Anna Sui is known for her gorgeous fashion designs so don't hesitate to take a glimpse at her 2010 resort collection as it is perfect for your style.
10 Feb, 2010

Anna Sui has always created gorgeous fashion collection which exuded style, color and individuality. Anna Sui resort 2010 collection seems to be dedicated to her fans as her collection is clearly distinct than what Anna got us used to so far with her previous collections.

It is not unusual for a designer to create a fashion collection which is different. Ana Sui seems to have decided to opt for a more casual look, a look which doesn't require too much styling and matching. The colors used are still lovely and vivid, but the designs are meant to make fashion appear much easier. Stylish, unique and a bit rebellious, Anna Sui resort 2010 collection is everything one could ever wish for. Resort collections distinguish themselves from ready to wear or couture collections through the designs used. Less formal and suitable for day wear, resort collections are meant to bring you style and comfort on your vacations.

Anna Sui resort 2010 Anna Sui resort 2010 Anna Sui resort 2010 Anna Sui resort 2010

The colors featured in Anna Sui's resort collection are a little bit more toned down than her ready to wear collection and feature more feminine and soft warm toned colors like pink, electric blue, lavender, black and white. Prints and color combinations are Anna Sui's trademark so obviously they couldn't have missed from this collection. There is a difference between the prints which can easily be noticed: the resort collection is printed in a more subtle way to create a more subtle, casual look.

Anna Sui resort Anna Sui resort

The dominant fashion items featured in this collection are the casual short dresses which look absolutely adorable. With a Taylor Momsen kind of style, the dresses feature different cuts to suit different occasions and different body types.
For a more casual style, Anna Sui created different pant styles and matched them beautifully with different types of blazers. The casual chic look created by these gorgeous outfits are perfect for different casual style occasions. The outfits are filled with style and individuality so don't hesitate to take a peak at this gorgeous resort collection.
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