Alexander Wang Spring 2010 Collection

Alexander Wang has created a very interesting casual fashion collection for the 2010 spring summer season. He has found his source of inspiration in classic sportswear, football outfits which he combined with gorgeous feminine characteristics for a beautiful and original fashion display.
29 Oct, 2009

Alexander Wang is a young and talented fashion designer who has made a name in the fashion industry through dedication and talent. Alexander Wang believes that people can dress well for formal occasions, it's the rest of the days that a person's true fashion style can be observed and that is absolutely true. People tend not to pay as much attention to every day wear and that is what makes a difference. Paying attention to every detail even for going out shopping or for a walk requires a lot of interest and passion for fashion. This is how personal style can be found and polished.

Sportswear seems to have inspired Alexander Wang to create a very attractive collection. Femininity and style were at the base of each fashion collection for the 2010 spring summer season and Alexander found a unique way of combining elegance with casual style.

The collection was introduced using a very interesting khaki outfit with a boxy shaped vest balanced by lovely shorts, knee lengths socks and gorgeous animal print peep toe boots. The whole collection featured these sporty influences counterbalanced by feminine outfits like dresses and shorts.

Alexander Wang Alexander Wang 2010 spring

Knitwear assorted with lovely corsets, underwear style shorts, knitted sporty socks and peep toe sandals were a delight to watch. Knits seem to have been the base material for his collection. Knitted materials are timeless and classic materials used in fashion for many years.
Shorts, baggy pants, cute short dresses, peep toe ankle boots, sporty skirts offer a true visual spectacle when it comes to Alexander Wang's fashion collection.

Alexander Wang Alexander Wang 2010

The colors used by Alexander to enhance the style and theme of the collection are warm toned, appropriate for the following season. Khaki, military green, brown leather, red white and black dominated the runway.
If you are looking for a unique, casual and stylish look , Alexander Wang's 2010 spring summer fashion collection can offer you everything you need. Upgrade and personalize your fashion style with gorgeous and unique stylish outfits.
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Alexander Wang Alexander Wang spring summer 10

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