Alexander McQueen 2010 Spring Collection

Alexander McQueen has created one of the most spectacular designs for this 2010 Spring Fashion Collection. Find out the true genius of his gorgeous and unique fashion collection.
19 Oct, 2009

Alexander McQueen has struggle his way to become the important fashion designer he is today for many years and it seems that is was all worth it. All his training experience has helped him develop the unique style he has today.

A signature trait of Alexander McQueen's fashion collections is the dramatic and unique way he presents his collections. The desire and the talent of Alexander McQueen can easily be seen in each of his fashion designs, because of their details and spectacular designs.

His 2010 spring fashion collection cannot be described into words. It seems to have surpassed everyone's expectations through his unique and spectacular designs and presentation. The name of the collection, Pluto's Atlantis matches and describes perfectly the collection. Everything seems surreal just like Atlantis. The splash of color which gradually changed from colorful prints to green tones, brown tones, blue tones and black made the eyes sparkle of joy.
The uniqueness of the collection is mostly given by the amazing details of the material. Animal and reptile prints offer a spectacular and enchanting view of his vision.

Alexander McQueen spring 2010 Alexander McQueen

The sharp cuts of the outfits emphasize every detail of the outfits making them very attractive. Femininity is also accentuated in a very fairy tale kind of way. It seems that every model has just stepped out of a story, in which they played the role of glamorous princesses.

The make-up and revolutionary shoe designs featured in the collection matched the theme perfectly, adding more depth, style and understanding of what Alexander McQueen wanted to underline.

Alexander McQueen Spring 10 Alexander McQueen Spring 2010 Collection

The glittery short dresses added more glamor to the designs making them appear dreamy and out of this world. This is a truly spectacular and unique collection which will most definitely dazzle. Femininity is one of the most important features which can characterize a woman and this collection exudes femininity.

Inspire your glamorous outfit from the true genius of Alexander McQueen and you will feel like you are everything you ever wanted to be: powerful, gorgeous, glamorous and admired.
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Alexander McQueen Alexander McQueen 2010 Spring

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