Style Icon Whitney Port

New York's city girl, Whitney Port may have the image of a pretty innocent girl attached to her, but when it comes to fashion, she got it in her bag. Check out next how this fashionista changes styles like shoes!
10 Apr, 2010

Best known from the reality show “The Hills” and after starting her career in fashion industry in New York, from her own show, “The City”, Whitney was always known as the good girl, but in her style choices taking risks was her thing. By following her vision, Port manages to combine different pieces and creating a well-thought chaotic look she manages to surprise us through her personality and that's what makes Whitney a true fashion icon.

We know that to be a great designer you've got to have a unique perspective on understanding fashion and inevitable expressing it through your own style. While finding your way and your fashion sense may take a while, trying everything seems a pretty good idea. Changing different styles is only a chapter until you find what you are looking for. Let's see how Whitney manages to look so gorgeous from soft fluid dresses to black leather jackets, from neon leggings to boyfriend jeans or from killer heels to flip flops.

With an unique style, like every fashion designer needs to have, Whitney Port follows no one but herself in fashion. Going from the innocent look to the badass one, she is able to mix vintage with modern and the latest runway's pieces with '80s fashion without a problem. Combining together the most eccentric pieces with the most randomly chosen colors, Whitney plays with items and creating outfits for the red carpet or for the street seems a Barbie dress-up game for her.

Without thinking too much about outfits, Whitney Port's creativity comes spontaneously with an unlimited imagination and expressing art through style is a gift. Whether she goes from glittery jackets to leather leggings or harem pants, from boyfriend jeans to mini skirts or from platform pumps to Oxford shoes, Whitney keeps on coming back with outstanding outfits!

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