Style Icon Rihanna

Next on our list is no one else then the iconic Rihanna. With a major change in the past year, she managed to climb on top in her music career and in fashion too. After her life was in all the tabloids, her style has changed dramatically in the best way possible. Check out next Rihanna's fabulous style!
10 Apr, 2010

Rihanna is one of world's favourite artist of the moment in the music industry. With her career going up and up, her success came immediately and so an evolution in her life was inevitable, even if we're talking about fashion or music. With all that drama that happened in her life after the Chris Brown incident and with the media all over her, she needed to escape and with her style changing from hairstyle to clothing wear was a good beginning.

Going from the pretty little girl to edgy and chic fabulously looking woman, Rihanna has brought more and more attention over her not only from the press but from fashion designers too. Soon after that her appearances in the first row at fashion weeks managed to take her to a higher level in fashion industry.

What started as a haircut change, then to another color and then to a different look and style, made Rihanna in a short time, a true fashion icon and with her appearances that socked in a positive way the world, she found herself a new style. With different looks every night she recovered soon after all that drama in her life and what better way to prove that then by going out and showing the world that she's so much better?

Combining together all the most looked up fashion trends and going from retro to elegant and feminine created a new image about this “good girl gone bad” and now Rihanna looks like a strong and independent sophisticated lady.

With styles that go from sexy short dresses to biker's jackets and boots, to all the haute couture gowns taken from the latest fashion collections was a big improvement for Rihanna and by focusing herself more on her career than her personal life got over the problems that were bothering her.

As you can see, Rihanna manages to surprise us every time she appears with her attitude and personality attached to her looks and that's what makes her a fashion icon, an inspiration for all today's women.

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