Style Icon Nicole Richie

A new style icon that shines in our eyes is Nicole Richie. Why? Because only a true fashionista like her can go from conservative to bohemian, or from indie-rock to short and sexy. Check out next how Nicole's style has developed through the years!
17 Apr, 2010

When we're talking about style icons we want to see diversity in choices, from personality to head-to-toe looks and what better way to show you all where to get inspired then from celebrities? She may have been known as Paris Hilton's BFF, but what started as a Hollywood party-animal has grown up being now a sexy and young mother. Who are we talking about? People, it's Nicole Richie. Hollywood's socialite and TV personality has made a huge change since her nights out “I-don't-care” looks to these chic and sophisticated outfits.

With ups and downs in her personal life and with an overwhelming attack from the press, Nicole had difficulty maintaining a right balance between her tabloids life and personal one. With weight, alcohol and drug problems, being ripped off by the press was inevitable, but listening for advice and their signal alarms wasn't. Going from her party trashy looks a la Paris Hilton to gypsy-hippie chic style and then to conservative lady-like was a big improvement in Nicole Richie's life.

Whether she wears long dresses for the red carpet or gypsy blouses tucked in short shorts for a casual daily walk, Nicole looks fantastic. Even if she's in the top skinniest skinny celebs, she has finally found her way in fashion and life. Now, Nicole accepts her body and she puts it in value way better then other celebrities ever will.

While other young mothers forget all about fashion and looks this sexy mom knows all about it. The key in styling success is very simple according to her. It's all about natural looks and being yourself.

From a walk in the park or shopping-day or the red carpet, a true fashion icon never misses a good look. With Nicole Richie we have already got used to seeing hit after hit in her styling choices and we don't expect nothing less from a young classy lady like her.

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