Style Icon Mischa Barton

You all remember sweet Marissa from teen drama TV show “The O.C.” but when we're talking about Mischa, drama doesn't just come on television. We've watched her being ripped off by the press way too many times but when it comes to style she was always on top. Check out Mischa's style through the years!
08 Apr, 2010

When it comes to a true fashion icon hiding from the cameras or not taking risks is unacceptable and being safe in your styling choices doesn't take you anywhere. To be able to find your own way in fashion may cost not only some money but a few critics too. Well, if it's worth it or not we should ask the celebs because who knows better about style, critics and money then them?

Another style icon on our row is, without a doubt, The O.C.'s star, Mischa Barton. With a career since the age of 8, Mischa's life has been all ups and downs and being stable in her life, career or fashion was not her thing. With a dramatic social life too, we've seen her changing friends, boyfriends, styles or hairstyles so many times that we don't even know where she's headed now, but one thing is for sure, no matter what, she still pulls off the best image for the paparazzi.

With an uncharacterised and unique style, Mischa Barton keeps on shocking with appearances while other young celebs like her don't even get attention from the press. From a walk with her dogs to the red carpet, she shows her best outfits from pretty-in-pink to biker's brigade, from heels to Converse or from tacky bands T-shirts to sexy and elegant gowns.

Changing styles as the day passes by, Mischa already got us used to her unusual outfits that always have a touch of vintage and going from bohemian to rock'n'roll or from masculine influences to short cocktail dresses it's not something new for her.

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