Style Icon Lindsay Lohan

When it comes to partying, no one does it better then Lindsay Lohan, and everyone knows that dressing up it's more important then the party itself. For a true celeb like Lohan, fashion is a way of living and who cares about paparazzi when you got the latest designer clothes all over you?
07 Apr, 2010

If someone knows how to live in the newspapers and finding out things about you from tabloids first, that's definitely Lindsay. Starting her career in the film industry at a young age and not being able to have a normal childhood because of the over-whelming success that came suddenly has its harvests. If it was worth it or not, that only Lohan herself knows.

Lindsay became a public figure known by the whole world and so appearances were one of the most important things for a celebrity like her, but sometimes having your whole life controlled by paparazzi and fans can cause some damages to yourself. Lohan was having problems with drugs and alcohol and she spent different periods spent in rehab but with all the press coming over her the situation kept on going worse.

Linday Lohan is known as a true shopaholic and for a true style icon like her, fashion comes as a way to express yourself and so the different postures exposed manage to show sides of her undiscovered yet. Going crazy with her choices in fashion she always mixes the most interesting trends together and manages to reinvent herself with a new style.

Urban grunge, bohemian, rock'n'roll, rock glam, indie, classy-chic, casual modern or sexy masculine are just a few styles that Lindsay has tried over the years. Changing from the pretty-in-pink type of girl to Hollywood badass, Lohan has made a huge transformation in time and that's been seen in her style, attitude and hairstyle. With different hair colors in every new season she went from her natural red to gold-blonde and then to all black.

Even if through the years Lindsay's style kept being unstable it seems that she might finally found her ideal look. For a party animal like her what could be more fitted then the rock'n'roll style? Going crazy for black, animal prints, leather and killer heels Lohan keeps combining this styles in uncountable ways, moving from her everyday casual to a night out and keeping her title of a fashion icon.

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