Style Icon Kim Kardashian

Hollywood's favorite girl that brings a new modern touch of sexiness over celebrity's world, the fashion one and of course, the press world, is the beautiful, Kim Kardashian. With perfect appearances and elegance expressed through edgy yet conservative style, Kim shows stunning looks whether she hits the red carpet, a business meeting, a night out or just a day on the beach.
15 May, 2010

We all know that in fashion, getting the title of a “style icon” is not an easy thing to win. Not only it is hard to climb on top in styling, but celebs find it even harder to maintain their image flawless and pure. Some keep it hard by presenting always the perfect appearances, but others get tired and let their style loose. The chaotic rhythm of the fashion world puts its mark over celebrities faster than anything else. As soon as the clothes hit the runway, the most eccentric pieces are bought with a large amount of money. Everything has a price in life, and the perfect image does too.

While other celebrities struggle to keep a balance between private life and the public one, or between different styles and their unique one, Kim Kardashian knows how to deal with all of these even if it's not a long time since the press is all over her. Keeping her style and appeals in touch with her personality and speaking fashion as a second language, Kim shows off with the most outstanding famous designer's pieces and presents them even better than the models themselves.

For such a hard working woman like Kim Kardashian is, the reward that every lady needs stands in their styling choices. Long hours of stress are worth reaching a superior level in your professional life as long as what comes after brings the accomplishment desired, as we can see in Kim's case.

Her professional life got her where she is right now, on top, and her flawless appearances still bring attention over her even if her style includes mostly business wear or elegant party dresses, but what stands out the most is her ability to looks absolutely amazing and feminine with her curvy body shapes that put in value her sexiness.

Kim Kardashian's style represents herself better than anything else. Even if being on the style icon's “group” has its goods, the paparazzi may become overwhelming and having your life ripped off by the press doesn't sound that interesting, Kim manages to keep it under control and even if false rumours and statements may be put on her name, she doesn't put an accent on that.

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