Style Icon Gwen Stefani

One of the most eccentric and provocative styles that fashion world has seen in celebrities row is without a doubt, Gwen Stefani's style. With outstanding appearances from street style to concerts or red carpet, Stefani is one of the most prestigious artists and fashion designers. Check out next her best looks and memorable outfits!
10 Apr, 2010

When it comes to fashion, all the world knows that is not only about clothes or new coming trends. It's about art, vision, attitude and personality. Finding their style may seem hard for some but when it comes to Gwen Stefani a lifetime experience in celebrities world, in fashion and music helped along.

By having always a refreshing attitude through clothes and appearances, Stefani looks, as the time passes, by even more young than ever. Keeping her childish side always present in her outfits, she manages to be fun through her choices while her youthful part haunts her style in the best way possible. Gwen's style changes and she adapts it to the events and places where she goes. From sporty to rock'n'roll or lady-like, she tried it all.

Since Gwen Stefani launched the famous fashion brand called L.A.M.B. we've seen her develop in style and by maintaining her mark on these designs, she shows herself through different perspectives. The pieces that Stefani creates don't only reflect her attitude and style, but she appeals to a large number of women and so by reinventing her designs, she creates for the world, not for herself.

Going from the stylish and sexy mother to a sportive side of her and then to the rock'n'roll diva that she is, is just a step away for Stefani. Mixing all these styles together Gwen has created her image of a fashion icon.

As you can see, Gwen Stefani shows us with every outfit, from sportswear to gowns or cocktail dresses and from sneakers to killer heels, that fashion it's about being yourself because it's more about the attitude and then the way you wear something because we wear the clothes and not the other way around.

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