Style Icon Christina Aguilera

She's got a voice, she's got her moves and she definitely has a strong attitude, but does she have the style to pull her artistic side off? We say she's got everything a true diva like her needs, including fashion sense. Check out next how Christina Aguilera's appearances have developed in time.
08 May, 2010

She's known for being the “dirrty”, the beautiful or the fighter one since she was another teen celebrity showing that she's all grown up, but looking back now, we see that we need to call the fashion police if we rewatch her style from then. Yes, we're talking about the fabulous Christina Aguilera who may have won the entire world with her angelic voice since the very first time, but in our eyes, her maturity was shown only when she got “back to basics” in music and in style also.

Whether Xtina comes out all dressed up like a doll on a music video, rock'n'roll on the street or revealing her sex-appeal on the stage, she brings classiness along with sexiness and if a long time ago she was considered being vulgar, Aguilera has changed in good by passing through trends, haircuts or colors and now Christina has developed her own style that she maintains flawless.

Changing from blonde to brunette and then to blonde again was one of the things that shows her growing up and while her first shade of bright golden blonde was for a typical American teenager, the dark brunette presented a rough appearance and going back to basic with platinum blonde expressed a touch of glamour a la Marilyn Monroe, hardcore a la Gwen Stefani and sexiness a la Christina Aguilera.

The 29 years old young mother, singer, songwriter, dancer, actress, producer, video director and the most important thing, the woman that is Christina Aguilera is now one of the most stylish modern lady of all celebrities. She may have a dirty side, but lately her appearances are flawless and in the fashion chapter she takes the lead and can easily be a role model.

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