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  • Katie Holmes Fashion Style
    Katie Holmes Fashion Style
    Saturday, 24th Oct 2009

    Are you longing to see former teen stars growing into admirable presences in Hollywood and the world of fashion? Then you'll be thrilled about Katie Holmes the 'Dawson's...

  • Chloe Sevigny Fashion Style
    Chloe Sevigny Fashion Style
    Friday, 23rd Oct 2009

    Chloe Sevigny proves that there's no need to go a long way to get from the movie screen to the catwalk. It's all about creativity and courage to flood the catwalk...

  • Zooey Deschanel Fashion Style
    Zooey Deschanel Fashion Style
    Tuesday, 20th Oct 2009

    Are you a trend-trotter and you're in need of a style idol? Then Zooey Deschanel will be the perfect must for you, the young actress and already a style guru manages...

  • Cheryl Cole Fashion Style
    Cheryl Cole Fashion Style
    Tuesday, 20th Oct 2009

    Are you a real fan of the Girls Aloud kittens' style and music? Then sure you were charmed of one of them who managed to become a real style icon in a few years....

  • Rachel Bilson Fashion Style
    Rachel Bilson Fashion Style
    Tuesday, 20th Oct 2009

    Sure you spotted that young girl in O.C. who radiates her unique aura all throughout the series. Indeed Rachel Bilson the young starlet besides surprising public,...

  • Victoria Beckham Spring/Summer 2010 Collection
    Victoria Beckham Spring/Summer 2010 Collection
    Thursday, 08th Oct 2009

    You just can't get enough of Victoria Beckham's ultra-feminine style, you want to see a whole collection of it? Then watch out for the style icon's Spring/Summer...

  • Jennifer Aniston Fashion Style
    Jennifer Aniston Fashion Style
    Monday, 05th Oct 2009

    Did you find the often clumsy 'Rachel' more than adorable? Then take a peek at how this funny actress became a real style icon in Hollywood. Steal Jennifer Aniston's...

  • Zoe Kravitz Fashion Style
    Zoe Kravitz Fashion Style
    Wednesday, 30th Sep 2009

    The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Isn't this perfectly true for Zoe Kravitz? Let's take a peek at Zoe Kravitz's fashion style.

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