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  • Kim Kardashian Fashion Style
    Kim Kardashian Fashion Style
    Saturday, 21st Nov 2009

    Kim Kardashian has become internationally known due to her public appearances as well as beauty. When it comes to fashion Kim Kardashian is a great source of inspiration...

  • Ashley Greene Fashion Style
    Ashley Greene Fashion Style
    Monday, 23rd Nov 2009

    The gorgeous actress who played the fabulous role of Alice Cullen in the "Twilight" movie, Ashley Greene has become a muse for many teenagers when it comes to fashion...

  • Kirsten Stewart Fashion Style
    Kirsten Stewart Fashion Style
    Monday, 23rd Nov 2009

    Bella Swan the gorgeous character from the movies "Twilight" and "New Moon" played by Kirsten Stewart, helped boost her career, making Kirsten not only an appreciated...

  • Ashley Olsen Fashion Style
    Ashley Olsen Fashion Style
    Monday, 23rd Nov 2009

    Ashley Olsen has succeeded in becoming a true fashion icon for women around the world. The cute twin from the "Full House" is now all grown up and has an amazing...

  • Mary Kate Olsen Fashion Style
    Mary Kate Olsen Fashion Style
    Saturday, 21st Nov 2009

    Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have been attracting a lot of attention lately for their amazing fashion choices. It seems that the Olsen twins have discovered their...

  • Emma Watson Fashion Style
    Emma Watson Fashion Style
    Wednesday, 11th Nov 2009

    Emma Watson is best knows as "Hermione" from the hit movies Harry Potter. Emma became a style icon for teenagers worldwide due to her incredible taste in fashion....

  • Taylor Momsen Fashion Style
    Taylor Momsen Fashion Style
    Friday, 06th Nov 2009

    Jenny Humphrey is no ordinary girl as it becomes clear in the ultra-popular Gossip Girl series. Indeed neither is the actress and talented singer and model who plays...

  • Rihanna Fashion Style
    Rihanna Fashion Style
    Tuesday, 27th Oct 2009

    Rihanna can now be considered one of the most important fashion icons among today's celebrities. Her unique style exudes femininity whenever she chooses even the...

  • Sienna Miller Fashion Style
    Sienna Miller Fashion Style
    Saturday, 24th Oct 2009

    Are you in need of a fashion idol that manages to wear a cavalcade of trends with the same sophisticated style? Then sure, were you inspired by Sienna Miller who...