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  • Style Icon Lindsay Lohan
    Style Icon Lindsay Lohan
    Wednesday, 07th Apr 2010

    When it comes to partying, no one does it better then Lindsay Lohan, and everyone knows that dressing up it's more important then the party itself. For a true celeb...

  • Style Icon Lauren Conrad
    Style Icon Lauren Conrad
    Wednesday, 07th Apr 2010

    You all remember The Hills diva, Lauren Conrad, right? Her life has been all over television and tabloids way too many times, but what's found under all that drama?...

  • Style Icon Leighton Meester
    Style Icon Leighton Meester
    Tuesday, 06th Apr 2010

    Blair Waldorf may be known as the Upper East Side teen drama queen, but what's hidden underneath that role? Well, nothing less then a totally different girl. While...

  • Victoria Beckham Fall 2010 RTW Collection
    Victoria Beckham Fall 2010 RTW Collection
    Thursday, 18th Mar 2010

    With classy outfits, stylish and elegant clothes, Victoria manages to amaze us with a collection full of dresses that characterize her perfectly. The Fall/Winter...

  • Ke$ha Fashion Style
    Ke$ha Fashion Style
    Saturday, 06th Mar 2010

    Ke$ha aka Kesha Sebert managed to grant the public with a new fashion chameleon that soon entered the list of most eye-popping presences on the red carpet. Taking...

  • Miranda Kerr Fashion Style
    Miranda Kerr Fashion Style
    Friday, 26th Feb 2010

    One of the most popular angels of Victoria's Secret managed to become a mesmerizing presence both on the catwalk as well as on the red carpet. Taking a closer look...

  • Lady Gaga Outfits at the 2010 Grammy Awards
    Lady Gaga Outfits at the 2010 Grammy Awards
    Monday, 01st Feb 2010

    Pop sensation Lady Gaga brought her quirky fashion style and extravagance to the 2010 Grammy Awards. She rocked the red carpet wearing a couture gown exclusively...

  • Beyonce Outfits at the 2010 Grammy Awards
    Beyonce Outfits at the 2010 Grammy Awards
    Monday, 01st Feb 2010

    Beyonce's outfits from the 2010 Grammy awards were truly memorable. She wore couture dresses in the entire evening, signed by three major fashion houses! Check out...

  • Celebrity Stylist Rachel Zoe
    Celebrity Stylist Rachel Zoe
    Wednesday, 16th Dec 2009

    When it comes to dressing up the celebrities and stars we love so much, only one person could really do knowing what she does and her name is Rachel Zoe. The American...