Miranda Kerr Fashion Style

One of the most popular angels of Victoria's Secret managed to become a mesmerizing presence both on the catwalk as well as on the red carpet. Taking a closer look at Miranda Kerr's fashion style will reveal the aspiration of this rising style icon who popularizes the great designer creations on her sylph-like silhouette. From the relaxed jeans look to the high brow gowns all find their place in the model's wardrobe. Steal her style tricks to polish your fashion fantasies and sport the most flattering outfits.
26 Feb, 2010

Miranda Kerr earning the title of the 'most beautiful woman on the planet' as well as being one of the most respected sweethearts in the fashion industry succeeded to inspire millions by her personal aura as well as outfits. Her attires radiate a unique and brave approach towards the latest fashion tendencies. Shepherding the classy 'noblesse' of red carpet looks as well as adopting an all inclusive perspective to mixing various trends she is undoubtedly one of the most versatile and worth-admiring presences in entertainment.

Femininity as well as girlish innocence are what her formal appearances suggest. For the 'boring' weekdays she managed to fuel the popularity of jeans as well as other universal wardrobe staples that would characterize a Boho and low maintenance look. Skimming through the most stylish moments of Miranda Kerr's fashion style will prove to be the best idea to enrich our repertoire of clothing ideas as well as to find the right accessories and style items that would flatter our body shape.

In her spare time the 26 years old model adopts a casual chic look that has all the elements that are top notch both to complement her best assets as the 0 size silhouette as well as the long legs that are best accentuated with miniskirts as well as a pair of distressed skinny jeans. Both her hair style as well as use of accessories illustrates her strong bond with the world of fashion. In spite of sporting some of the basic neutral colors her outfit can still be considered versatile and worth-copycatting. The animal prints as well as the other en vogue patterns can be found in her wardrobe adapting to both good taste as well as a tint of muted glamor.

Miranda Kerr's presence on the red carpet can't be simply swept under the carpet. 'Body-consciousness' is without a doubt the buzzword when describing her most memorable attires. From the bandage dress to the peek-a-boo style cutout gown as well as floor-sweeping old Hollywood classic creation all managed to occupy a respected position on the best dressed list.

Showing some skin is no problem for Miranda as the multitude of fabrics melt on her figure, wearing them as their own skin is what makes her look so alluring beaming a super-natural vibe. Accessories are present only in a moderate measure in her appearances. The classic clutch as well as a simple wrist-watch or bracelet and a pair of chandelier or stud earrings would perfectly blend into the natural and at the same time enchanting visual pleasure her formal look offers.

For semi-formal occasions Miranda adopt a breezy or an Audrey Hepburn style simple outfit. Flashing her most flattering qualities and body parts is done as naturally as it leaves the public with no reasons for back-thoughts. As an occupational hazard she won't skip the high heels as the A-list accessories to her looks. The form-fitting dresses as well as pencil skirts are among the top favorite choices of the young model. Natural and mesmerizing beauty fused with a sophisticated style- and body-consciousness gripped not only her beau Orlando Bloom but also fashion gurus and millions of people all over the world who follow the style evolution of this style-icon-to-be Victoria's Secret sylph.

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