Ke$ha Fashion Style

Ke$ha aka Kesha Sebert managed to grant the public with a new fashion chameleon that soon entered the list of most eye-popping presences on the red carpet. Taking a glimpse at the signature Ke$ha fashion style, we'll be more than thrilled to find the brand new 'garbage chic' movement that would popularize the unique variation of the Rock chick look. These are some of the most outstanding appearance of the rising style and music icon in a brief review.
06 Mar, 2010

Once a style movement represented by rock chicks of the past, slightly resembling Courtney Love and co. outfits, was re-invented by the 23 years old 'Tik Tok' star, Ke$ha. In spite of the fact that her wardrobe is dominated by dark tones and especially black she still managed to rise above the crowd thanks to the unique and dauntless attitude to wear the same style items for several occasions. A tendency seldom copycatted by other style icon celebrities. Somber and Goth style chromatic compositions are paired with must have wardrobe staples in her appearances. From the stylish stockings and leggings to leather and lace pieces all turn the at least vision-challenging apparels into a memorable experience. Holding the potential of an aspiring style icon steal the most impressive tricks of the Ke$ha fashion style.

More than probably you won't find this enchanting and professional singer in the great haute couture creations from the runway. Indeed as a self-proclaimed garbage fan she managed to turn the most moth eaten and worn-out looking style pieces into must have fashion staples. Balancing the non-conformist look with her worth-admiring silhouette similarly to Kate Moss she is able to popularize some of the 'no-no' ensembles with great mastery. Stockings of all designs and color occupy a central position in Ke$ha's closet. Indeed both the animal prints as well as lace and distressed style looks fabulous when paired with a sack dress or a maxi t-shirt. Boots as well as high heels and also additional statement accessories add a glamorous tint to the looks.

The 2010 Grammy Awards however made a great difference to the celebrated singer, since Ke$ha decided to adopt a more radiating and dapper look with a golden dress designed by Nicolas Jebran. The complementary fringes also create the proper ceremonial look which is perfectly dressed down with her polished makeup. In spite of the flapper air, her tousled locks managed to keep the outfit far from being simply an inspiration from the past decades. It proved to be a modern and dashing fusion of old and new.

At the NRJ Music Awards 2010 sports leather leggings with killer heels as well as a cropped jacket paired with a sheer top. The embellishments on the cover-up enhance the whole outfit with a red carpet allure that is further completed with the classic black chromatic option as well as the carefully selected accessories as earrings and makeup. As a rule the music 'anti-diva' follows the pragmatic principle when choosing various looks. Indeed style plays a prominent role in her choices still leggings, skinny jeans as well as short dresses all come down to own goal, to show some curves and sex-appeal.

The future besides the overwhelming success of her songs will reserve more spectacular and memorable Ke$ha outfits that the public is eager to praise, criticize as well as copycat both partially and in their noble completeness. The fans are looking forward to spy all the latest red carpet appearances that could pave the way for the rise of a modern style devotee who's fashion principles are characterized by open-mindedness and the must have groove.

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