Halloween Costume Inspiration: Lady Gaga

Who says that Halloween parties need to be spooky and scary with theatrical costumes and creepy appearances? We say that Halloween needs to be as fashionable as any other party, but without boundaries in choosing your outfits, accessories or make-up, so that’s why we pick Lady Gaga as the inspiration for this Halloween!
24 Oct, 2010

She knows no limits in outrageous appearances, she loves to shock and she sure wants all the attention. Yes, she’s Gaga and she is also our choice for this year’s costume. Since everyone is doing the classic (and nowadays boring) costumes, your Halloween party needs something fresh and fabulous, and what better way to celebrate a creepy night than looking like the diva that transforms the one day per year party to every day outfits.

Even if your outfit won’t be exactly like Lady Gaga’s impressive and over the top looks, you can easily get there with a little imagination and of course, with wildness. In fact, if the outfit doesn’t get as you wished, you can make out of it a hilarious parody that will still look perfect for Halloween. Prepare yourself to look extravagant and ready to rock the Gaga style better than anyone else!

Say yes to the dress! And here we’re saying yes to all the details from metallics, structural shapes, ridiculous vintage rock’n’roll outfits, everything together. Add a bunch of accessories, from jewels to remarkable hats or futuristic shades to pop out of the ordinary. Also remember that the it-item that Lady Gaga always focuses on, are the shoes. Of course, no one expects to actually wear something like the Alexander McQueen monster shoes, but anything closer would be perfect. Since it is Halloween you can even opt for the plastic huge bitchy platform shoes, but only for that day and never ever again.

For hairstyle the perfect choice would be a wig. Blonde, long and straight. Yet, since you don’t want to spend your money on a wig, you can easily choose the bow hairstyle that she always wore at the beginning. The appearance would not be finished without the most appropriate make-up choice, were there are no limits also. It can be dramatic smokey eyes with fake lashes, silver futuristic glittery eyes, or anything that looks magical and Gaga-like. Now if for Halloween we are dressing like Lady Gaga, how is she going to shock us this time?

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