BFF Celebrity Halloween Costumes

Are you ready to have the time of your life on Halloween but you still haven’t found the right outfit? Your best friend hasn’t either? Well, than it’s time to choose it together and not like a couple outfit, but more sisterly. Find out next which celebrity looks should you opt for at this fabulous party!
26 Oct, 2010

It’s not once when it happens to any woman an outfit choice for a party, any party for that matter so Halloween makes no difference. Actually it makes it even harder, because finding a good costume it’s not easy and it sure ain’t free. Of course, any woman would rather buy herself a dress than a one-time costume, right? This time we’re choosing something easy and very fashionable.

Since not you or your best friend have found the right shocking Halloween costumes, then we won’t get inspired from cartoons, books or horror movies. We’ll jump right into the tabloids for our choice and we’ll find the perfect BFFs, even if they are sisters, twins or simply friends. Find out next how to get their looks!

1. Olsen Twins

They are not only best friends, they are twins. They don’t share only the same blood, but also the same style, which is quite hard to get. Being into the spotlight since they were babies, both Mary-Kate and Ashley have changed in our eyes a lot. Owning now their personal fashion label, gets them closer to the real fashion, that may be a little extravagant for average people, so we’re getting inspired by them on Halloween.

By only using a maxi dress with cool grunge booties, a large leather jacket over and a fabulous bag, one look is finished. Also add a vintage hat to shock a little more and the emphasize the hobo style we’re looking for. For the other look, a long black gown with a fur oversized coat over, a pair of vintage sunglasses and some killer platform ankle-booties would be the perfect choice!

2. The Kardashians

Now not every girl has one best friend, others have two. That’s why the Kardashians look will play absolutely great for the costume choice at Halloween. All you three ladies need are three brunette long wavy wigs, three super-short cocktail dresses and three fabulous shoes. Even if they always wear Louboutins, you sure can look as dashy as them in any pair of heels!

Now the key points come definitely with the make-up selection. Once you’ve got your wig perfectly, you’re ready for make-up! Choose smokey eyes with lots of black and brown shades for dramatic effects, but make it classy, not racoon-like. Remember to add fake eye-lashes. Be careful with the blush and don’t use a pinkish shade, because the Kardashians are all for chocolate. Finally, choose a glossy lipstick and remember at the party to pose together like Kim, Khloe and Kourtney would!

3. Rihanna & Katy Perry

Soon to get married and “I kissed a girl” former singer, Katy Perry, gets more friendly day by day with the fabulous lately redhead, Rihanna. The two BBFs share interests in music, fashion, radical hairstyle color changes and Justin Biber. We’re not sure if these things got them together but we don’t even care, because we judge their styles. And yes, they have plenty of it!

For the Rihanna look we’ve got different styles that we can choose from, but going for a sassy animal printed short dress, combined with a chic boyfriend blazer and some rockstar studded killer booties would be fantastic. Definitely choose a red hair wig for dramatic effect!

As for Katy Perry, we tell you to bring out the candies before the “trick or treat” tradition because she’s got them always with her, on her clothes actually. Take on the sweetest outfit ever, add a wig with colorful highlights or full electric blue and a sparkly fabulous make-up! Don’t forget the fake lashes because she has the most gigantic beautiful eyes!

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