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  • BFF Celebrity Halloween Costumes
    BFF Celebrity Halloween Costumes
    Tuesday, 26th Oct 2010

    Are you ready to have the time of your life on Halloween but you still haven’t found the right outfit? Your best friend hasn’t either? Well, than it’s time...

  • Halloween Costume Inspiration: Lady Gaga
    Halloween Costume Inspiration: Lady Gaga
    Sunday, 24th Oct 2010

    Who says that Halloween parties need to be spooky and scary with theatrical costumes and creepy appearances? We say that Halloween needs to be as fashionable as...

  • Style Icon Kim Kardashian
    Style Icon Kim Kardashian
    Saturday, 15th May 2010

    Hollywood's favorite girl that brings a new modern touch of sexiness over celebrity's world, the fashion one and of course, the press world, is the beautiful, Kim...

  • Style Icon Christina Aguilera
    Style Icon Christina Aguilera
    Saturday, 08th May 2010

    She's got a voice, she's got her moves and she definitely has a strong attitude, but does she have the style to pull her artistic side off? We say she's got everything...

  • Style Icon Nicole Richie
    Style Icon Nicole Richie
    Saturday, 17th Apr 2010

    A new style icon that shines in our eyes is Nicole Richie. Why? Because only a true fashionista like her can go from conservative to bohemian, or from indie-rock...

  • Style Icon Whitney Port
    Style Icon Whitney Port
    Saturday, 10th Apr 2010

    New York's city girl, Whitney Port may have the image of a pretty innocent girl attached to her, but when it comes to fashion, she got it in her bag. Check out next...

  • Style Icon Gwen Stefani
    Style Icon Gwen Stefani
    Saturday, 10th Apr 2010

    One of the most eccentric and provocative styles that fashion world has seen in celebrities row is without a doubt, Gwen Stefani's style. With outstanding appearances...

  • Style Icon Rihanna
    Style Icon Rihanna
    Saturday, 10th Apr 2010

    Next on our list is no one else then the iconic Rihanna. With a major change in the past year, she managed to climb on top in her music career and in fashion too....

  • Style Icon Mischa Barton
    Style Icon Mischa Barton
    Thursday, 08th Apr 2010

    You all remember sweet Marissa from teen drama TV show “The O.C.” but when we're talking about Mischa, drama doesn't just come on television. We've watched her...

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