Socks with Sandals Style Trend 2010

Once a faux pas now a real craze, the socks with sandals managed to turn a bad habit into a real attraction of the Spring/Summer 2010 designer collections. The must have accessories include socks of all colors and lengths as well as fabric. These are paired with the spectacular shoe trends and will add a Boho and relaxed look to the whole attire. Those who were hypnotized by the latest trends will find the following one awkwardly thrilling.
12 Feb, 2010

Through the decades some of the golden rules of fashion seems to fade into oblivion. Undoubtedly the sock and shoes pairing is one of the no-no tendencies that would be regarded blasphemous in the past. However contemporary designers allied to strip off all the restrictions that would strongly limit their process of creation.

Comfort would be just one of the main reasons to adopt a similar style especially during the seasons when it is pretty hard to stay in our shoes ans peep-toes due to sweaty feet. Thus, abstracting from the funny point it is also important to mention that all the great stylists who adopted a similar tendency aimed to shift the attention to the spectacular footwear that served in the past only as a secondary accessory to the whole attires. Instead of sweeping this fact under the carpet it was time to act and bring the outstanding matching to the catwalk.

Marni Spring/Summer 2010 Marni Spring/Summer 2010

Marni in the Spring/Summer 2010 collection suggests how neutral colored socks can create the perfect canvas to emphasize the special effect of the shoes. By leaving these accessories loose and on the ankles the designer manages to create a relaxed atmosphere to the whole presentation. Without bothering to choose fitting socks the whole appearance is enhanced with a retro-inspired and oldies twist.

Those who would like to step into the footsteps of the designer should pair their brownish or earth-colored shoes and pumps with socks that are close in shade to their skin tone. The effect will serve as the chief means to outline the shape and fine lines of the shoes as well as of the whole silhouette.

The Christian Dior Spring/Summer 2010 collection further popularizes and fuels the groundbreaking fashion trend. In this case the snakeskin wedges as well as sandals were matched with neutral as well as sheer colored socks.

These would either blend into the overall appearance of the basic accessory or on the contrary was eager to create a smashing effect by contrasting the shades. Socks and shoes apparently walk hand in hand on the catwalk as the accessory trends are taken to the next level. The Budoir style dresses popularizing the underwear is outerwear trends are further immortalized with the help of the black, nude- as well as blue-toned socks. Their transparency seems to enhance the blending of the additional detail into the complete look.

John Galliano as a repeatedly demonstrated genius of contemporary fashion seems to just can't strip off the hypnotizing effect of this accessory trend. As a result the flamboyant and larger-than-life style pumps are complemented with a pair of vivid or neutral-colored socks. These contrasting the main tones of the shoes will be able to offer a groovy and at the same time artful detail to the spectacular attires. The ankle socks perfectly emphasize the refined lines and architecture of the pumps and also add a youthful look to the models which creates the perfect atmosphere for a fabulous show.

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