Oliver Goldsmith Eyewear

The “it” brand when it comes to eyewear and sunglasses, Oliver Goldsmith is actually “the originator of fashion eyewear”, as the V&A Museum described him. Sophia Lauren, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Ursulla Andress, and Michael Caine are just a few examples of celebrities who have in common something: they were all into Oliver Goldsmith eyewear designs, acknowledging the brand. Nowadays, continued by Claire Goldsmith, Oliver’s granddaughter, the eyewear brand continues its traditions: really great designs, lots of handmade products, all created with passion and respect for quality.
05 Nov, 2009

Contemporary icons in fashion and movies are still into Oliver Goldsmith eyewear or sunglasses: Jude Law, Jessica Simpson, Robbie Williams, Gwyneth Paltrow or Kylie Minogue, all were involved in Goldsmith’s ad campaign and had posed for him. It’s just like Claire Goldsmith said: “If you want a fabulous hat you go to Philip Treacy; for red carpet shoes it’s got to be Manolo Blahnik or Jimmy Choo. For beautiful couture sunglasses it has to be OG”.

Oliver Goldsmith means ready-to-wear couture regarding eyewear, and the best proof of that are the products. Hep is a beautiful pair of sunglasses, with a frame inspired by the one that appeared in Hepburn movie “Charade”, and named in consequence after the beautiful tar who inspired their creation.

We also liked Moonshine, which come in blue, shades of grey, autumn honey or forest green. Boz it’s a model actually created back in 1963, and it’s that kind of accessory that everyone should have as a must-have in their closet. After all, just like Oliver Goldsmith once said, “a well dressed person should have a wardrobe of sunglasses I the same way they have a wardrobe of handbags, hats, ties, cuff links or jewelry”.

OG is among those strong confident brands in the world that take the stake higher, offering its clientele the possibility to create and demand any specific wish. So, they design your own sunglasses or frames. This exclusive service of tailoring completes the brand, just like Louis Vuitton did with their personalized service for travel bags. And if Louis Vuitton is “the” brand in the universe of bags, it’s easy to say that Oliver Goldsmith has it all when it comes to eyewear.

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