Mary Beyer Gloves

In the large universe of accessories, one can’t seem to find its right place in the contemporary century, being assimilated to a rather utilitarian vision. The glove seems to have disappeared in the past decades, which until today, when Mary Beyer put the gloves on the “must-have” shell.
04 Nov, 2009

More, she opened a store in Paris dedicated strictly to gloves, in the most elegant and personal way. The Mary Beyer boutique offers two kinds of different services, creating an exclusive and maybe unique space for her clientele; her “made-to-order” and “made-to-measure” services are now world-recognized as personalized offers. With it, Beyer did something more than bringing back to life an accessory declared somewhere in the 13th century. She brought passion in her art and turned craftsmanship into a true statement-object, and this is the glove.

Mary Beyer is the one who created special gloves for handling your palm, so necessary in our everyday life. Talk about fitting like a glove, huh?
Her gloves are just elegant, highly fashionable, cool and beautiful. The designer used only high-quality fabrics in the process of manufacturing gloves, like exceptional skins: goat, mink, chinchilla, crocodile or peccary. In addition to this, she enriched each of her creation with beautiful detailing like pearls, rhinestones or fine delicate embroidery.

Mary Beyer gloves are not only for the runway and fashion shows. They stepped out into the streets, into the real life, as they can mostly be seen worn by celebrities in Hollywood. Their distinctive signs? Well, they all come in bright colors, with bold designs, and unique designs.

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