Iosseliani Jewelry

Italian based jewelry brand Iosseliani was brought to life by designers Roberta Paolucci and Paolo Giacomelli. Once they met each other, they mixed and matched their passion for jewelry with their love for special materials, so that Iosseliani is nowadays a reputed name in the jewelry industry. Iosseliani jewels can now be found in the most exquisite stores worldwide, just like Barney’s, Princess, Joyce or Harrod’s.
19 Nov, 2009

Iosseliani jewelry introduces new special techniques, such as the fusion between various materials, just like stainless steel and precious metals, also including hand-carving crystals.

In the same time, the jewelry still maintains its modern necessary shapes, even if it carries lots of traditional heritage elements. In this manner, Iosseliani jewelry becomes transcendental over time, ornamental, symbolic and stylish.

We loved the Skull Ring, $965, made from zircon and 18k gold, featuring on the top of the ring a skull, which continues into a fine and delicate line of zircon stones. Another gorgeous Iosseliani piece of jewelry is the Panther Ring, $1960, made from an 18k white gold, featuring on the top a panther that begins to surround a part of the ring with ruby, zircon and garnet eyes.

The Iosseliani collection also includes a beautiful gold plated necklace, made of silver with river pearls, but also tangled silver and brass multi-chain necklace with precious stones.

Iosseliani jewelry means tradition combined with visionary techniques, translated into many jewelry lines that include necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings.

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