Darcy Miro for Unholy Matrimony Jewelry Line

Jewelry designer Darcy Miro and Unholy Matrimony’s Brett Westfall has teamed up for a warrior-themed limited edition jewelry line. Gypsies, ninjas, pirates, punkers and witches form the basis of the project featuring spiky 'fang' rings and cuffs made to fit the urban warrior's individuality. Get details on the new Darcy Miro for Unholy Matrimony jewelry line!
08 Feb, 2010

Jewelry designer Darcy Miro has teamed up with Unholy Matrimony's Brett Westfall for a new jewelry line inspired gypsies, ninjas, pirates, punkers and witches.

The limited edition jewelry line's feel revolves around the hardcore, edgy, urban rebellion, or as Darcy Miro says: “There’s an inherent power and strength when you think of ninjas and witches. The jewelry is your own personal set of weapons.”

Darcy Miro Jewelry Designer
Photo By Robert Mitra

Some of the Darcy Miro's designs take a literal staple to the warrior theme, as in the spiky rings and cuffs. But, as the jewelers signature, she tempers the aggression with an organic, come-what-may approach. In Miro’s hands, for example, those spikes end up looking more like supple anemone tentacles.

“We allowed each piece to be led by the nature of the process,” says Miro. “We try not to control every little mark and moment.”

Made from oxidized silver, gold, platinum and pewter, the designer used primary tools and methods, like hammering, chewing, even employing the studio’s steel door to create texture.

Darcy Miro for Unholy Matrimony Jewelry
Photo By George Chinsee

Wholesale prices if the line will range from $250 to $1,000 and will be available at the new Case Study Unholy Matrimony boutique in Los Angeles.

Source: WWD

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